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Brunnurinn í Pintiagou
Beautiful Nature

Brunnurinn í Pintiagou.

Shortly after the establishment of the company, they started thinking about projects. In the sparsely populated areas of Burkina Faso, there is a lack of wells in many places, not least wells that provide water throughout the dry season. Pintiagou is about seven km. from Liptougou a larger town where the administration for the region is located. Bids were sought for the work, and the Geofor company in Ouagadougou was selected. This was in the middle of 2013. The company already started collecting, but the estimated cost was almost one and a half million isl. ISK The goal was to finish the case by the end of November-December that year. The representatives of the association, Finnbogi and Souleymane, went to follow up the project at the beginning of December. Shortly after the end of the year, the drilling was completed, but the pump had yet to be installed. In February 2014, everything was ready and the quality of life of those living nearby improved significantly.

Skólaborð í Tancumi
Beautiful Nature

Skólaborð í Tancumi

When Souleymane and Finnbogi went to Burkina Faso in Dec. In 2013 they came to school in a place called Tancumi. They thought the equipment was really bad. The school desks were nothing more than some kind of sticks on iron stands, apparently originally intended for something else. There are two classrooms. One is made of mudstone, the other is nothing more than a sun shelter enclosed by low walls.

At the end of 2014, the company started collecting for tables that were supposed to be 30 in number with attached benches. Also two teacher tables and chairs. Around the turn of the year, the goal was reached and the tables were built in Bogande town, about 80 km away. The tables were moved to the site in May 2015 and delivered to the school.

Parents and relatives of the school gathered for this occasion and sent us warm greetings and a lot of gratitude. We at Fasofélagin would like to thank everyone who joined us in this project.

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